Sharing Local Laravel App Using Ngrok

This article explains how to use ngrok with Laravel, and how to fix the most annoying gotcha.

Imagine that you want to access your local Laravel app from another device. There is an amazing service for that called ngrok. This article explains how to use it, and how to fix one annoying gotcha.

Start app

Start Laravel Sail:

sail up

Note that on my PC, the APP_PORT environment variable is set to 8000, so it’s running on HTTP port 8000. The port number is used in the ngrok http command used in the next step.

Start ngrok

Create an account at

Then, download the ngrok agent, unzip it and connect it to your account as specified in steps 1 and 2 of the Setup & Installation guide.

Finally, start ngrok. It creates an externally accessible domain, something like and resolves it to your locally running app:

ngrok http 8000

How cool is that!

Fix CSS and JS file loading

However, soon you’ll notice a problem - your CSS and JS files are not loaded. And there are 2 reasons for that.

First, you may be running npm run dev. Unfortunately, it doesn’t play well with ngrok. So, stop it and build assets using the following command instead:

npm run build

Second, Laravel thinks that it’s running on an HTTP port while via ngrok it’s actually being served using HTTPS. To fix that, add an HTTP middleware that forces Laravel to “think HTTPS” if it runs under ngrok:

  1. Create the app/Http/Middleware/UpgradeToHttpsUnderNgrok.php:

     namespace App\\Http\\Middleware;
     use Closure;
     use Illuminate\\Http\\Request;
     use Illuminate\\Support\\Facades\\URL;
     use Symfony\\Component\\HttpFoundation\\Response;
     class UpgradeToHttpsUnderNgrok
         public function handle(Request $request, Closure $next): Response
             if (str_ends_with($request->getHost(), '')) {
             return $next($request);
  2. Register the middleware in the app/Http/Kernel.php:

     protected $middlewareGroups = [
         'web' => [

And now it works! Check it on your phone, send it to a co-worker or a client, and enjoy!